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Seven simple and must-do things to avoid Coronavirus


Terrifying though this is, however, it is reversible. China, South Korea, and Taiwan had successfully demonstrated that Covid-19 can be brought to knees with furious efforts. They have fiercely battled with Corona and successfully beat it.

However, countries like Italy, Spain, USA, Pakistan, Iran, and the rest of the world including Kuwait are still facing the threat. But, by acting efficiently and showing a vigilant approach, we can also send contagion to its heels.

And frankly speaking, the measures are not as difficult as we imagine (but if you feel so, remember they are worth life). Small adequate measures can prevent you and your loved ones from being hunted by this threatening pandemic.

Is it really like having the flu?

Some say it’s like the flu, others call it similar to cold. However, when asked by Dr. Roberto Cosentini of the main hospital at Bergamo, Italy, said, “the disease caused by the virus, is nothing like the flu.”

“It’s like severe pneumonia and that about 50 to 60 patients come every day, placing massive stress on the stretched health system,” he added.

So, cutting it down, Coronavirus symptoms are basically respiratory. Coughing, shortness of breath, and cold are common. Sometimes they also come with fever and flu. The severity of the symptoms depends on the strength of one’s immune system.

Initially transmitted by animals to humans, now we can get it from one another. It may not affect you if you have a strong immune system, however, one many unknowingly transfer it to a weak person. Elderly, children and those with heart disease, diabetes or other diseases, coronavirus can cause organ failure leading to death.

How to Prevent Catching Coronavirus?

“Is there any vaccine available for COVID-19?”
“No, there is no vaccine till time. The best way to prevent the virus is by avoiding being exposed to it.”

Here, we are going to tell you the precautionary measures to avoid catching CORONA. Most of them are recommended by the WHO – World Health Organization – and are simple and easy to adopt.

Wash Your Hands Frequently.

It is the first and foremost practice you need to observe. However, while washing your hands. Make sure that you do it properly, and rub your hands and between fingers for at least 20 seconds. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or soap for this purpose:

Reason: Washing your hands with water, soap, sanitizer or hand rub kills viruses present on your hands.

Avoid Touching Your Face.

Humans touch their faces 23 times an hour on average, studies show. But the act is so dangerous. We keep touching uncountable things throughout the day – any of them may be polluted.

Touching your eyes, nose or mouth with dirty hands highly exposes you to the risk of getting a virus. Besides washing your hands, you can also wear gloves, as we are less likely to touch our face while wearing hand-gloves.

Reason: When you touch your face, a virus may hijack your sinuses, or throat tissues, entering your body making you sick.

Ensure Respiratory Hygiene.

Covering your mouth is a must-have. The respiratory droplets of an infected person can spread the illness. While coughing or sneezing, avoid using your hands. Instead, sneeze in your bent elbow and use tissue paper. Dispose of the used tissue paper right then. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately. Also, wear a facemask if you are sick.

Reason: This will not only save you from the attack of Corona and other viruses but also your loved ones.

Practice Social Distancing.

Maintaining at least a distance of one meter or three feet between yourself and another person. Avoid hugs, handshakes, and physical contact while greeting. Practice bowing or nodding while meeting with each other. Even if you do not have symptoms, social distancing is advised.

Reason: Coronavirus is spread from person to person. One person may affect 2.5 people in five days. The chain spread to 406 people within 30 days.

Avoid Leaving Home without Emergency.

It is highly requested to avoid going outside your premises without any emergency need. Even if you are sick, try seeking medical care on-call first. Also, avail delivery services, and stuff like this rather than going out.

Reason: Going out may get you in touch with someone affected by Covid-19. Though it may not affect you, however, you may take the virus home or to your loved ones causing him to suffer due to weak immunity.

Encourage Your Employees to Work from Home:

We all have to fight the pandemic by collaborating. So, if you haven’t still permitted your staff to work from home, allow them now. If the job requires coming to the office or going out, take ultimate responsibility for their health and hygiene. Also, avoid a mass rush at the office at once. Keep the minimum staff at the workplace and equip them with masks, sanitizer, and gloves.

Any of your employees may catch a virus from an affectee transmitting it to others. Working from home will ensure their good health and better productivity if monitored accurately.

Follow National Directives:<

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Follow the directives issued by your local or national authorities and international health organizations to avoid falling sick. Follow the medical advice issued by the healthcare department and your doctor.

Reason: The authorities will have the most up to date information on the spread of Covid-19 in your area. They will better prescribe what measures you should take to avoid Covid-19.

So, simple measures such as avoiding going out, practicing ultimate hygienic, and staying away from rushy places can lessen the risk of coronavirus for you and your employees. Share these tips with your loved-ones for their good health. Also, let us know how far are you trying to fight against the virus.

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