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LinkedIn Marketing | How it can Power Your Business


Social media is a powerful medium to generate leads, enhance brand awareness, and foster business. And, when it comes to LinkedIn, this is far more than creating personal connections, searching talent or hunting jobs, but an effective tool to sprout up your brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, creating partnerships, and scaling up revenue.

LinkedIn marketing can help your business grow faster if you access it’s all features rightly. It allows you to connect, gain analytics, hunt for the best talent for your company, generate quality leads, and a hell of a lot.

If you still haven’t started with LinkedIn marketing, here we will cover five best practices to kick off with the platform.

Customize Your Public Profile.

From accurate first name and last name to the product and services, make sure the information aligns with your other social media networks and website. Create a rock-solid first impression with concise, jargon-free information to ensure that no one bounces back from your profile.

Use the right keywords to get your profile ranked in SERP. You can add keywords in tagline, description, and content for search engine visibility.

Don’t forget to add a professional/semi-professional profile picture and cover photo to complete your profile. Also, customize your profile URL that could be easily memorable.

Plus, create a business page with legible logos, and cover representing your business.

Attach media where applicable. Fill every little field. In short, make your profile robust to generate impactful results from LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

Connect with Everyone.

Only connect with those whom you already know.

We listen to it from many around us. However, don’t put ears to such advice. Connect with everyone on LinkedIn no matter if you know them or not to grow your audience.

Follow someone’s blog? Connect with him!
Love any company? Start adding its employees!

LinkedIn has no limits to connect with others. Accept all requests. Keep your profile public.

You never know which connection turns into an opportunity to foster your business.

Plus, connecting is not everything. Keep interacting with your connections. Ask questions, give recommendations, join relevant groups, and post relevant content for maximum engagement.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform.

If you are a content creator, it’s unarguably a gift for you. Beside posting status, and backlinks to your website, you can use LinkedIn’s native publishing platform to create and share exclusive articles with the audience.

Wondering why to create an article on LinkedIn?

Whenever you create content, LinkedIn notifies your connections – that is surplus. Moreover, 45% of these readers are in upper-level positions. Hence, this feature helps you to increase social engagement and brand awareness among the masses.

Experiment with the Publishing Platform to learn which content drives more value to your business. LinkedIn’s analytics help identify which published articles are grabbing more attention.

Share your content on Twitter for increased visibility.

Drive Leads and Conversions.

LinkedIn’s sales and marketing tools can help you generate successful leads. More than 40% of LinkedIn users are in decision-making positions, which means they can buy your product or service if targeted rightly.

Combine your organic marketing efforts with paid campaigns.

LinkedIn ads empower you to target the right audience with an abundance of options. You can choose job titles, roles, functions, and company size based on who is more likely to buy what you sell.

Plus, paid tools such as Sales Navigator can assist Sales and Business Development teams to get deeper insights and automatic lead recommendations.

Analyze Your Performance.

Marketing is not a name for waking up, publishing content, running a paid campaign, and sitting back idly. You need to craft a proper strategy, have to evaluate the performance and efforts to come up with necessary changes for maximum success.

Use in-depth analytics and reporting tools to evaluate what worked and what not. Measure reach, reactions as well as other engagement and audience details to enhance your campaign.

It also allows you to gain insights into audience demographics and source for more impactful efforts in

In short, keep experimenting with different content types, analyze your performance, and upgrade your LinkedIn marketing strategies and efforts for optimal results.

So, these were a few tips to start with LinkedIn marketing to boost your business. Looking for a top digital marketing agency to upscale your online presence? Give us a call. We can help you foster massively.

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