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How to Boost Your Online Business in 2019


It has been a week since we have said goodbye to 2018 and entered into the new year with new hopes, aspirations, challenges, and business goals. Just like any other year, we are searching for the strategies and tricks that are here to stay strengthening our online presence.

So, after much research and analyzing the trends, here are some tips to leverage your brand to new heights.

Make Your Website Mobile Compatible

Mobile First! Mobile First! Mobile First!

We have been listening to it for too long. It’s all about website responsiveness.

You should have done it in 2018. If your website is still not optimized for mobile, do it now. Stats show that users conduct more searches on their cellphones than tablets, PCs or laptops. Plus, this number is expected to grow by 2.8 billion by 2020.

Mobile optimization is one of the key ranking factors in Google. Also, you need to reduce the site loading time to less than three seconds. Higher loading times piss off the users.

Voice Search is the Future

Hey Google! What was the most trending 2018 news?

Hey Siri! Which is the best Italian restaurant closest to me?

If you have ever made an online search using your voice, you are already using voice search. But, do you know data scientists forecast that 50% of the searches would be made online in 2020 and 30% of total searches will be via no screen gadgets.

By considering the shopping stats of the previous year, we can believe in this prediction. It’s time for your business to step into a conversational tone with your digital clients amid a rise in voice searches. Mold your content according to long-tail/LSI terms, who, what, how, where and other questionable formats to meet the tech needs.

Local Search is Everything

Coming right next to voice search, location or proximity is what everybody looks for. People enjoy making queries like:

Hey Google, drive me to the best pizza shop near me.
Which is the best high school near me?

This trend is increasing not only in voice but also in text searches. However, it is also noteworthy that a consistent and proper address across all mediums is necessary otherwise you may lose a consumer.

Plus, add an accurate email and phone number, and integrate maps. Stats show that 71% of users confirm location before visiting a local business and 67 percent lose trust following faulty addresses. For maximum visibility, make sure to list your business in Google and online directories.

Integrate your social and professional network.

It may sound odd, but marketing in 2019 and beyond is all about networking. Try merging your social and professional networks to derive the best results.

Why? Because it makes you credible!

Give your clients and customers a chance to learn about your passion, habits, and interests. Display your personality or in other words, become a brand in yourself.

However, avoid sharing racism, or other maddening posts on your social channel as it will yield negative results.

Don’t ignore the impact of testimonials.

Customers’ reviews have never been as important as today. They have powerful armor in your digital marketing arsenal.

Get maximum reviews on your website and social media to increase trust in your business. Also, use Google reviews as they have a direct impact on your search engine rankings (SERP).

Testimonials also significantly reduce prospects’ hesitation and let them turn into your customers. So don’t be hesitant to show up your happy customers’ list to both robots and humans.

To sum up, these five tips combined with a sense of urgency and quality content can strengthen your business in 2019 and beyond. Have a business idea or want to boost your business?

CTA _ Give us a call we can help you grow exponentially.

Give us a call we can help you grow exponentially.