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What do iconic brands have in common? You can be one too!


Every business looks forward to emerging as a brand, and every little brand wishes to be known as a great brand. But, have you ever wondered what makes a brand the most successful brand?

There are certain attributes that any recognized brand has, and all others try to achieve that quality. While making your business branding choices, the top digital marketing agencies and professionals focus on these elements that every great brand has in common.

They Set Their Own Ways to Move:

We haven’t seen any great brand that runs with the existing flow or remains stuck with old traditions and tricks. Whether it’s about services, culture or whatever, they figure out ways to stand unique from the competition. In other words, we may say that they are rule breakers and love experimenting with new ideas to establish leadership positions.

The great brands are not much “me-too” types; they try to appear different from their competitors.

The iPhone is a symbol of status, being stand out from the crowd. iPhone users love being noticed by their attitude, attire, style, and belonging.

Contrary to it, samsung is a symbol of sophistication and its users have self-expression and artistic values in common combined with long lasting value for money.

And by studying, Huawei, we can simply figure out that fun-oriented, extroverts, independent, and adventurous people are the target market of Huawei. Look at this Huawei post, and you will feel in the world of knocking new fun ways.

Great Brands Infuse Feelings in Their Message

What can be more exciting for adventurous people than skating on a snow or biking on high mountains, with loud music as Dew infuses in its ad.

And nothing can be lovelier and comfier than having a bowl of hot soup in a freezy winter day.

Great brands know how to trigger the audience’s emotions through its commercials and messages. They talk about sentiments and attachments, love and hate, care and joy to trigger people’s response.

If you are a responsible driver, and a caring human, you must relate to Honda’s If you’re a driving enthusiast, you’ll relate to Honda’s “Safety for Everyone” message.

Hence, sentiments are everything when it comes to iconic brands.

They Deliver Their Promises Even After Years

A brand will fall if its customers experience short of expectations. And, all great brands know it well. Whether it’s about the quality of the product, service, culture or feel, this is applicable to every single expectation.

That’s why every iconic brand delivers what it promises over the years through the decades. They create their brand message so vigilantly so that they can keep themselves aligned with it.

A promise is another emotion or sentiment that keeps your customers connected with you. If you don’t offer life durability, don’t brag about it; as people don’t only purchase your product, but also the stand you’re taking.

Breaking your business promise can cause you suffering, and the situation can be worsened in the social media era.

One broken promise Tweet can lead to fierce criticism online.

Being a great brand is not a skill. It’s an attitude. This is what you perceive yourself, what do you want your customers to think about you. How do you wish to be remembered? How do you communicate with them? This is all about the alignment and how do you get noticed.

Lets help you grow as a big brand!