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Why use Long-tail keywords and how to choose the right one?


Keywords are essential in SEO, they are the ideas which tell what your content is about. While doing a web search, searchers enter these words into a search engine to find the relevant information.

Content marketers and digital marketing services must use keywords following what their target niche is searching for.

Using effective keywords increases the chance of finding your content among top search engine results. They can give you high organic traffic. If not chosen carefully, it might crash your whole SEO strategy.

Long-Tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords are specific in nature - combining three or more words. Entrepreneurs and marketers prefer to use long-tail keywords.

They are highly effective in connecting with a specific audience.
For example, “cat” is an undefined head keyword. It may produce a lot of searches, but they aren’t targeted. However, “cheap cat food,” “shop Persian Cat,” and “Persian Cat for Sale” are targeted keywords. All these targeted words are long-tail keywords.

Why Should You Use Long-tail Keywords?

Using long-tail keywords means establishing a stronger link with your customers. They take you closer to those who are actively shopping or seeking for what you provide. The number of Phrase keywords Going back to the above-mentioned example, a person searching for “dog” may not be clear with what he has to do. However, if he searches for “cheap dog food,” or “buy Yorkshire Terrier Dog,” he may end up making a purchase.

Long-tail keywords or keyword phrases don’t generate much traffic because they are not searched as much as head keywords. However, they are still worthy for business and marketers due to the following reasons:

Low Completion, Easy to Rank:
You have to face low competition for the long-tail keyword, thus it is easy to rank for them. Think it is difficult to rank for “pizza” as the numbers of websites are using this head keyword. However, it is easier to rank for “best pizza in Sharjah.” It is simpler as there are very few businesses using this long-tail keyword due to its specificity.

High Conversion Rate:
As long-tail keywords are extremely specific, it’s obvious those who search for them are about to make a decision. They visit your website because you offer them highly digestible content, or they are about to purchase what you offer. Hence, phrase keywords ensure a higher conversion rate as compared to head keywords.

Cheap Advertising:
Keywords with more than three words are not only effective to generate sales or high engagement rates. But they are highly valuable for marketers too.
Due to the specificity, long-tail keywords are less expensive as compared to the main keywords that are highly expensive. So, for Google AdWords users they are an optimum option to reach a more targeted audience at a lower cost.

Ways to find the right keyword for your business:

There are various ways to find what keywords people are using to search for desired things. Think about prospects that make you different from other businesses. Focus on your targeted niche. Note unique points due to which people desire your product or service. And the way they could search for your product or service.

Below are the ways to search for the right long-tail keyword for your business.

Google’s suggestion feature:
Google always tries to guess when you start typing something. This suggestion feature is based on the most popular queries made by users. You can find the best long-tail keyword for using Google’s autocomplete feature.
Suppose you are searching for long-tail keywords, you may type “best long-tail keyword” and Google will give suggestions like:

  • Best long-tail keyword research tool
  • Best long tail keyword finder and many more.

Related Searches:
When you search for a head keyword or long-tail keyword, Google gives you alternatives related to your keyword. Go to the bottom of the page and check what kind of searches are related to your targeted keyword, Google gives.
For “free long tail keyword tool” the search engine may suggest the following:

  • Free long tail keyword generator
  • Free keyword tool
  • How to find low competition long tail keywords using free tools

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